The Puppeteer

wood, bark, leaves, twine, screws, aluminum foil, newspaper, cotton batting, wire, fabric, dye, string, beads, acrylic paint, clay, raccoon pelt

The Death of a Seventeen Year Old Pacifist

it happened Quickly
Without a


Dead is He

wood, wood glue, screws, nails, motor, fabric, paint, dirt, pole, coyote pelt

24” x 97” x 23”

Animal Cult

wood, wood glue, screws, fabric, fiberfill, floral foam, pins, jute, birch tree with attached branch, found bird's nest, 6 ermine and 1 coyote with hand-sewn costumes (various fabrics, ribbons, beads, threads, feathers, and bird feet), 1 fox in a handmade net, 3 handwoven baskets, 1 skull (unidentified, possibly from a seal), 1 man made rock, about 4 gallons of dirt from the ground, leaves, sticks, (natural) rocks and stones, decaying plants, grass, video camera, wireless speaker playing Richard Wagner's 'Vorspiel' from 'Das Rheingold' on repeat with Glen Campbell's 'Wichita Lineman - Remastered 2001' interrupting everytime the Wagner has played 8 times in a row, 1 track light